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how to grow a vegetable garden with raised garden beds planter boxes

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In Australia, the four seasons are suitable for planting vegetables. First, you must select an appropriate space to place the planter box, it must have sunshine, at least eight hours of sunlight every day, and can't be close to any trees, as they will compete with vegetables for water and nutrients.


Choosing a planter box is very important, these are the parameters: the dimensions of planter box
Width: don't be so wide it can't reach any vegetables
Height:at least 29 cm. it needs to be at least 60 cm for the elderly in order to allow them not to bend over,
Length: it mainly depends how big your site is.


You can buy from local suppliers, and we suggest to use organic soil. Each planting season needs to add organic ooze once, to make sure the garden bed is getting enough nutrients.

Besides that, it also needs fertilizing and watering regularly. in the early stage, water it once or twice a day, so that the roots of vegetables would grow quickly and deeply into the soil.

Our planter boxes design is novel and attractive, installation is simple, a screw driver and 15 minutes can get it done. Besides that we also provide greenhouse and netting which matches the planter box. Choose our planter box, your garden will become more beautiful, you will enjoy the fun of growing vegetables, and you also can eat the most fresh, healthy, and free costing vegetables.