Shipments and returns

1 、I still haven’t received my item yet after the estimated delivery time??


In general, the estimate delivery time is around 5 - 7 business days. And the handling time will take around 2 - 3 business days. If you are worrying about the delivery status, you can call this number 131318 to talk to Aus Post Customer Consultant in order to find out your parcel status. If you need our help in this issue, please send a Email to us or Talk to Us: 03 8669 2039.


2 、What happen If I am not at home when the courier delivers my order??

If no body is at home at the time of delivery, Aus Post driver normally will leave you a consignment card. The consignment card will clearly indicate the delivery center detail, such as the working hours, address and the location. Just simply arrange another time and go there for picking up the parcel.

3 、Are you able to deliver your products to anywhere within Australia?


Yes, we are able to do it. But there are a small number of areas that they will not be able to deliver, such as Norfolk, Christmas Island and Cocos Island.


4 、I have received your products, however,it is a damaged product,not functioning?


In this case, please do not hesitate to give us a call or Email us.


5 、My order arrived damaged. What should I do ?


In this situation, customers have to notify us about the problem within 7 days by the email and discuss to resend the product back for replacement.